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RAK Ramadan Festival 2011
(04 Aug, 2011 - 28 Aug, 2011)

Time : 07:00 PM till 01:30 AM

Location : RAK Expo Centre

Status : finished


On the occasion of the arrival of Ramadan and concomitant Islamic customs and traditions which show how important this holiest month when Muslims because of the different customs and traditions of this month from one State to another, we developed the idea of organizing an exhibition of Ramadan and Eid, which collect through most of the Arab and Muslim countries, because of history brims with customs and traditions that have long wanted to know and watch them closely, particularly during this month fadeel.
In view of the Organization of the Government of Ras al Khaimah Ras al Khaimah Ramadan Festival, which includes many events at Principality, we believe that the Ras al-Khaimah Exhibition Centre is the best place to link to this event, which we can highlight the traditions and customs of Muslim countries by different public particularly during Ramadan, as well as events which in turn will delight and pleasure on the Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE.


The beginning is a forum and an international Islamic Arab event combines both exhibitors and visitors at both religious, intellectual, cultural and commercial.
Main objectives:

-Open doors of religious knowledge, intellectual, cultural, and trade between the Arab States through this holy month
-Spirit of joy and happiness among Muslim families.
-Strengthen the spirit of cooperation and goodwill among people this month in the holiest.
-Review teams with Islamic folklore habits during this month highlighting the history and while the concept of heritage in the Arab and Islamic countries.
-Commercial and cultural crossroads, in the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah.

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