Americas pavilion 2018-2019 Coming soon !!!

japan pavilion 2018-2019 Coming soon !!!

Americas pavilion 2017-2018 Global village

Far East pavilion 2016 - 2017 Global Village

Far east pavilion 2017-2018 Global Village

Far east pavilion 2017-2018

The Far East pavilion showcases a wide range of products that are unique to Japan / South Korea /Indonesia / Philippines.

Americas pavilion 2017-2018

The Americas pavilion is bringing a wide range of interesting products that represent North, Central and South America.

Far East pavilion
November - April 2016 - 2017

For the 21st season Far East pavilion was added as a new pavilion in Global Village and it contained Japan, Korea, In....

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ElectroMed have been organizing and building International Exhibitions, Events and Conference since 2002. In more recent times, the firm has grown substantially and promptly in producing World Class Events in the GCC Region that features Local and International Exhibitors.