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ELECTRO MED, established since 2004 has been operative in Dubai, and since has continued to grow with the ever  changing city of Dubai. From humble beginnings the company was involved as an exhibition set up contractor. Eventually through quality work and recognition by working closely with reputed and established entities was able to step in to the next level. 

In the year 2015 The strategic plan was drawn up, the company was fully fledged and geared to contract, procure, Manage and operate events and exhibitions with a dedicated team and management outfit. With the constant growth and strength, the company has been able to withstand the effects of the economic down turn due to the pandemic which lasted in the recent past and due to Dubai’s strategic plan which is one of the few countries to come out of the difficult period. Dubai is now ever stronger and with life back to regular operations, there are more events and exhibitions planned across the city which Dubai boasts. Electro Med has capitalized with the available opportunities and become stronger over the past year. We are today a leading event management company in Dubai. 

ELECTRO MED is managed by professionals with several years of experience, strong expertise. With the desire and the ability to share its talent with its clients that we have succeeded in growing and becoming what we are today. Our team is extremely delighted to make all of its experience and professionalism available to you and your company.


We have been privileged to work with elite organizations striving to achieve greatness, and thanks to their trust and the teamwork, we were able to meet and exceed all expectations. With the dedication and the vision that greatness is within the grasp of our hands we just have to hold on to it.   ELECTRO MED has been operative in Dubai since 2002 and it has never stopped growing, changing and improving. We started out as a simple exhibition set up contractor in Dubai but is since 2014 that we have been able to approach well known and established entities expressing our ideas and potentiality.

 The strategic plan drawn up in 2015, and then ­executed by our management, provides for the development and enhancing the event management for our business partners and event attendees. The constant growth we have had over the past years is even more signi­ficant considering the unfavorable market context, due to the ongoing economic downturn that has struck down the utility segment in the region. ELECTRO MED is today one of the leading event management companies in Dubai and qualifi­ed and recognized as one of the best. ELECTRO MED organized with professionals with several years of experience, strong expertise and the desire and the ability to share them within the company. It is a gratitude to this team that we have succeeded in growing and becoming what we are today, integrating and attracting new professionals And this is how we intend to move forward. ELECTRO MED is delighted to make all of its experience and professionalism available to you and your company


“Good” may be good enough for some., but most of us want more than that. Something inside us makes us want to be better than good. We want to be part of a team whose members, even years later, will be remembered for what they accomplished. We want to go for greatness! At ELECTRO MED, our passion and mission are to enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere. To that end, we have studied the topic of event management and at perhaps an unprecedented level.”

Omar Al Taha, CEO

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Our Vision

To become one of the leading Exhibition and Event Organizing company and Advertising company that provide benefits to the sectors in local, regional and international scale and will be benefi­cial to the growth of economy. To be in continuous communication to our stakeholder, exhibitors, visitors and institution that we are associated with.

Our Mission

– To provide paramount market knowledge to our client across a variety of industries. 
– To support the rapid growth and development on wide range of B2B and B2C events to all companies we are dealing.
– To achieve revenues and increases profi­t through our company’s commitment.
 – To generate quality sales leads and a great return on investment to our client and participants.
 – To ensure all events/projects deliver in full value upon the real needs of specifi­c sector.
 – To facilitate visitors/customers with unique and exciting experiences in every events we launch.

Our Background

Making sure your brand catches attention and stand out in the crammed setting of a trade show or exhibition is an errand upon which Electro Med roars. We provide a complete design, prototype and building service that will give you concepts to highlight and optimize your exhibition space to the fullest. We create and deliver your exhibition stands in rich collaborative practices and to extend support in your brand product exposure with your target audiences. Electro Med is dedicated also in providing you with a cost-effective exhibition stand without compromising on any element of your equipment. Our team of experienced designers, architects and interior specialists builds remarkable exhibition stands of all types from a big hall experience to a shopping mall displays. Our service and support have no limitations.

Our Vision

To become the leading events management company in the UAE.

Our Mission

Bringing best possible experiences to our clients and guests.

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Global Village is one of the most awaited trade exhibitions on Dubai, where people from all around the world comes to celebrate, and cherish what every country has to offer. It is a one stop destination for traders from around the world to exhibit their produces, artworks, traditional costumes, cultures, souvenirs and most importantly, authentic cuisines all at one place.
Electro Med takes much pride to be able to provide a platform for such businesses and entrepreneurs globally to establish their roots in this direct marketplace and take advantage of the access to international consumers. We make sure that all our Pavilions offer a facility for you to carry out trade without any hassles. You will have an opportunity to capture a strong market which is a dream of many business alike. We seek to work with businesses that are willing to invest and thrive in high spirits and dedicated team work.